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Monon Telephone | Monon, Indiana


Monon Telephone serves the City of Monon and surrounding areas for telephone and ISP services. For the last 20 years, the Monon Telephone has relied solely on SPGS for their bonding and grounding needs. 


As staff has decreased, demand for services has increased, and the telephone industry has seen a rapid change in increased offerings including high-speed internet access, Monon Telephone has needed to face these challenges. They need to provide reliable service to their customers in this rural area, in spite of the weather, limited funds and an aging infrastructure. 

Tower Leg

Monon Eval

Overview of Equipment


SPGS continues to partner with Monon Telephone for their power & grounding needs. This recently included

  • Upgrading the current grounding system for their switch site and remote site
  • Installation of telecom grounding bus bars
  • Installation of a new battery backup systems
  • Bonding, Grounding, Earthing and testing of their tower site


The updates to their electrical protection systems have improved the reliability of Monon's internet and telephone services. With less frequent replacing of equipment, staff and budget are free to continue to build out for a larger capacity.


NITCO Office Building

NITCO | Hebron, Indiana


NITCO is a telephone company serving the Northwestern Indiana area. When the switch to digital went mainstream, utility companies had to adapt in order to survive. SPGS assisted NITCO in making proper grounding and backup power solutions for their new data centers & growing facilities. 


As the population in this area grew, the demand for quicker, more reliable service became stronger than ever. Because of the long-standing relationship with SPGS in the telephone industry, it was the logical move to call SPGS again to help handle their grounding needs in their data center. 


Like many companies outside of city limits, NITCO struggled with finding enough manpower to administer complicated switches in the telephone industry. Who would test new data centers, yet maintain the current ones? What backup systems were required to ensure reliability? What protections did they have against the midwest's frequent lightning and violent thunderstorms?



Ground Bar Inspection

Current Readings

Cable Shields

Equipment Bay




SPGS followed their 5-Step Approach to properly assess all of NITCO's needs. Improving their facilities through grounding bars and battery backup system installation, SPGS provided solutions for NITCO to better serve their end users. 

The trained personnel of SPGS also assisted in the installation of a large external generator on NITCO's premises. With accurate numbers and power supply, the generator was maintained and tested numerous times. 

To keep up with the demand in the area, NITCO had to build a new data center. SPGS properly grounded the building and analyzed any potential shock hazards within, up-keeping power protection and surge prevention. NITCO also chose to implement SPGS bonding and grounding standards that would help maintain a high level of protection throughout new installations.


NITCO has proudly worked with SPGS for over 20 years. Through extensive testing and results to stand behind, this telephone company sees SPGS as an elite in the power protection industry. IT professionals learned to maintain speed and reliability during all hours of the day and any weather that could impair their services. 


Fairpoint  Communications Orwell

Consolidated Communications | Orwell, Ohio


Consolidated Communications is a high-speed ISP/telephone/digital cable provider serving over 17 states, primarily from New England and points inland. 


Consolidated Communications continued to struggle with equipment failure. Lightning strikes as far away as 9 miles would cause equipment failure at this location, creating downtime and unhappy customers, not mention increased operational costs. 



Equipment Room

Ice Bridge

Equipment Frame

CEO Area

Csable Runway



We used our 5-Step Approach to troubleshoot and make a plan for Consolidated Communications. This included digging and laying out an extensive new ground field, as well as the construction of an ice bridge to protect critical connections outside. 

Inside the building, all units, racks, and equipment were properly tied to the ground field using grounding bars and ensuring proper connection throughout the building. 


Since the upgrades,Consolidated Communications has been able to successful withstand electrical storms, including lightning strikes.


Meter Base Ashland

Private Residence | Ashland, Ohio


While many of SPGS' customers are commercial or industrial, often when a residential customer cannot find the solution they need from a utility company or typical electricians, they can turn to SPGS for the expertise to solve the problem. 


This residential customer was continuing to lose televisions, cable/satellite tv boxes, and phone equipment due to electrical failure. With a recent lightning strike injuring one of the residents, they were deeply concerned that there was a major issue. The local telephone utility came out to the site five different times, and each time failed to remedy the problem. That is until SPGS was consulted. 


Common Bonding Point at Home


Power Pole


SPGS immediately recognized that the utility services were improperly grounded and protected due to improper bonding and grounding techniques. We recommended proper grounding solutions for each utility service point, as well as surge protection at the meter. 


The property owner, with SPGS' expert consultation, was able to now have the utility companies cover the costs of their losses as well as the installation of the proper grounding and surge protection devices. 

Satellite Dish

Private Residence | Mansfield, Ohio


Another residential customer could not find the solution they needed from their satellite television provider so instead they turned to SPGS for the expertise to solve the problem. 


This residential customer lost three (3) television sets, and (3) receivers after a static discharge entered their home via the satellite dish.


SPGS immediately recognized that the satellite dish and coaxial cables were not grounded at all which was a violation of the National Electrical Code (NEC). SPGS then wrote a report to the homeowner detailing the problems that were located


The property owner was fully reimbursed for the cost of the three (3) television sets and three (3) satellite receivers and had their installation corrected immediately at no cost from the satellite television provider.

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