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List of External Components

AC Service Entrance Disconnect Panel Station Ground
Antennas (Roof Mounted)
Antennas (Tower Mounted)
Artificial or Chemical Ground Electrode System
Coaxial Cables (Towers or Antennas)
Coaxial Cables (Building)
Coaxial Ground Bar (CGB) (Building)
Coaxial Ground Bar (CGB) (Tower)
Emergency Generator System
Building Earth Ground System (BEGS)
Fuel Storage Tanks
Entry Port
Ice Bridges
Lightning Rod System (Building)
Lightning Rod System (Tower)
Metallic Fences/Gates
Metallic Parts Attached to the Building
Metallic Objects Near the Building
Metallic Pedestals
Metallic Water System
Miscellaneous Metallic Pipe System
Multiple Building System
Outside Inspection Ground Bar (OIGB)
Telephone Cable Entrance Shield (at Building)
Tower Earth Ground System (TEGS)
Tower (Guyed)
Tower (Self-Supporting Lattice)
Tower (Monopole Mast)
Tower Bridges
Tower Lighting Metallic Conduit
Transformer (Main AC Service Source)
Water Meter
Waveguide Cables (Towers or Antennas)
Waveguide Cables (Building)
Waveguide Ground Bar (WGB) (Building)
Waveguide Ground Bar (WGB) (Tower)
Well Casing

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