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Surge Protective Devices

Universal Grounding Kit - Coaxial Cable Shields

The Coaxial Cable Shield Universal Ground Kit is designed to accommodate a wide range of transmission line sizes, thus reducing the amount of inventory required, as well as, eliminating costs associated with improperly identified transmission line sizes.

SPGS' Equipment Shelf Isolation Kit

SPGS' Equipment Shelf Isolation Kit is designed to isolate a conductive equipment shelf from a conductive equipment frame by isolating each mounting hole position from the equipment frame. Our kit includes a metal screw instead of a nylon screw.

Genius Environment Monitor Series 1 (GEM 1)

The GEM 1 unit offers proactive, non-intrusive monitoring to detect current flow on sensitive voice or data conductors. The GEM 1 units are analog monitoring devices capable of sensing current.

SPGS Earth Plus® Conductive Concrete

SPGS Earth Plus® conductive concrete will provide the low resistance ground that is essential to facility earth grounding system. Low earth ground resistance is now possible even where soil resistivity is high. SPGS Earth Plus® conductive con

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