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SPGS' Dc PowerPlus© Solutions

SPGS is a fully equipped power installation company with a facility located in Mansfield, Ohio including office space and warehouse.

Sampling of SPGS' Dc PowerPlus© Solutions

Our experienced Installers and office support staff have a wide range of expertise in the following areas:

  • Turn Key Power Plant Projects
  • Project Management
  • Engineering (Total or Partial Power Plant and Batteries)
  • Consulting (Battery and Power Plant)
  • Power Plant Installation
  • Power Plant Audits and Maintenance
  • Power Transition
  • Rectifier (Installation, Testing and Maintenance)
  • Inverters-Converters (Installation, Testing and Maintenance)
  • BDFB (Sales, Service and Installation)
  • Monitoring (Power and Battery)
  • Battery (Sales, Service and Installation)
  • Battery Testing (Impedance and Load Testing)
  • Framework Installation
  • Transportation (Pickup and Delivery)
  • Removal (Battery and Power Plant)
  • Battery Disposal (Death Certificate)


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