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  • Protection When You Need It.

    Protection When You Need It.

    Holistic Electrical Facility Protection Solutions that work.

  • Verify Holistic Facility Electrical Protection

    Verify Holistic Facility Electrical Protection

    See our capabilities and what we do to protect your business.

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  • Why SPGS?

    Why SPGS?

    We write and verify any standard for Holistic Facility Electrical Protection that improves equipment performance and equipment life cycles.

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  • Pad Mounted Cabinets

    Pad Mounted Cabinets

    Pad mounted communication cabinets are costing millions of dollars from card failure and equipment outages due to lack of industry accepted standards for bonding, grounding, and holistic facility electrical protection solutions.

Major Root Causes Of Electrical Equipment Failures

Power Quality, Power Disturbances, Poor Bonding, Poor Grounding, Poor Electrical Protection

Any of these major root causes can and will interrupt business continuity and reduce profit margins

SPGS will complete a power study, evaluate your electrical systems, find the root cause issues, and provide solutions for electrical all issues. A detailed report with recommendations and a management summary are provided. SPGS also provides training for personnel so that they can maintain your facility with the correct power quality and equipment protection.

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Diagnose Your Electrical Issues with SPGS

Safety Protection Grid Solutions, Inc. (SPGS) offers expert solutions to electrical-related problems. Lightning, power outages, power disturbances, poor power quality, glitches, electromagnetic interference (EMI), poor bonding and grounding techniques cost businesses more than they realize. SPGS can provide your business with solutions to reduce downtime and power outages while maintaining business continuity.

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If you suspect an issue with your electric system, contact us. We can work up a bid for initial inspection for free, based off of your one-line electrical drawing.

Schedule a professional electrical evaluation today

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We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of all electrical devices and complete a power study to provide you with a detailed report with recommended corrections and a management summary. The electrician can provide a bid for repairs from these documents.  

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Whether you work with us to correct the issues or hire an outside electrician (recommended), we will evaluate and report on the completion of work to ensure it meets our standards.

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Keep your electrical systems running properly by training your personnel on bonding, grounding, EMI, etc. so that any future root cause electrical issues can be located quickly.

Protect your personnel.

Protect your liability.

Protect your facility.


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