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Safety Protection Grid Solutions (SPGS) was the contractor we chose back in 2016 to help up to move our company (Enhanced Telecommunications Corp) to a “Best Practices” grounding standard that our staff could use at all facilities. George and Levi Zeigler of SPGS took lead on an audit of our facilities and after a thorough review compiled a very specific and detailed schedule of recommended corrections. ETC sponsored SPGS training of our staff to bring us to this next level of awareness regarding grounding. Combined with classroom and hands on training George and Levi prepared our staff on proper testing, identification and remediation of grounding issues specific to our plant. This training and correction lead to some immediate solutions to long standing issues. The understanding that we all received by this training enlightened us to other potential issues and allowed us to act and remedy potential issues found in many of our ETC facilities. We continue to contract with SPGS for support as we move forward in remediation of existing plant as well as support for new construction.

I would recommend SPGS to any one that would be interested in taking their Business or Corporation to what I consider the next level of protection regarding grounding and power protection.

David W Smith
Facility/Fleet Manager
Enhanced Telecommunications Corp

Dave Smith
Enhanced Communications

SPGS, legal name Safety Protection Grid Solutions have completed numerous jobs for U. S. Cellular. These jobs have consisted of: Engineering, inspection, and verification of the bonding, grounding and electrical protection of new facilities, Evaluation of the bonding, grounding and electrical protection of facilities. Designing upgrades of the bonding, grounding and electrical protection of facilities, Upgrading of the bonding, grounding and electrical protection of facilities, Worked with U. S. Cellular of the standard committee changing standards for bonding, grounding and electrical protection of facilities

The jobs consisted of traveling, testing, reporting, and presenting test results. SPGS has always had on time completions, completive pricing, an experienced work force, and always proven to be ahead of the scale with new and innovative testing and electronic protection solutions. Safety of persons and equipment is always a top priority of Safety Protection Grid Solutions.

Examples of projects include protection of electronic equipment from stray current within facilities ranging in size from 100,000 square feet to 200 square feet.

Thanks for the protection George !

Gary Trent
U.S. Cellular

We achieved results with Safety Protection Grid Solutions

A Major Cellular Company

Facing astronomical insurance premiums for repeated claims due to substantial circuit cards loss and destroyed power equipment during a lightning season, we used Safety Protection Grid Solutions services to improve equipment performance and lessen outages. The result was a DECREASE in insurance premiums AND fault-free operations.

A Midwest Independent Telephone Company

We requested SPGS' trouble-shooting expertise at a northeastern office containing over 500 equipment bays. Their team traced a fault within our facility to the exact shelf of a single bay! SPGS also took the initiative to report the problem to the equipment OEM. This teamwork approach resulted in identifying an installation error on the faulty equipment, thus saving us significant unneeded replacement costs. Using specialized equipment and technicians trained by our engineers, SPGS combined thorough on-site inspection with sophisticated analysis to identify electrical grounding problems that could've resulted in safety hazards and equipment failures.

A Top U.S. Long Distance Company
North Carolina

We experienced damages and a total loss of service each time a storm came close, according to maintenance personnel. We contemplated a switch replacement, believing the switch was the problem. The current switch manufacturer was excluded from consideration. Out of desperation, we tried their services. When they completed their evaluation and modifications, storms no longer put our office out-of-service! In fact, a DIRECT lightning hit knocked the AC panel off the wall, but not a single piece of our company's operating equipment was damaged!

A Major Independent Telephone Company

We had experienced loss of service after new equipment was installed, frequently making it impossible to access the 911 operator. SPGS worked with us and the local telephone company to identify and remedy problem areas, resulting in optimum grounding. Our facility has not experienced one case of service loss since 1997.

911 Center
New Jersey

We reduced our circuit board failures by 62.7%, saving thousands of dollars in direct repair costs.

A Major Telecommunications Company

Safety Protection Grid Solutions

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