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Information about Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMI and RFI

Electrical Protection for Electroencephalography Recording Using the Zero Method:

The "Zero Method" as applied to the electrical protection and shielding of an EEG (Epilepsy) unit consists of eliminating all electrical environment issues

EMC System Protection for Contemporary Lightning Protection

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is under-emphasized in the typical approach to lightning hazard mitigation for high value facilities.

Engineering an EMC System for Large Sensitive Systems

The "Zero Method" (ZM) is a new concept for EMC studies . ZM is specifically adapted for the study of and correction of EMC issues for large and complex systems.

Lightning and EMC Protection in Hydro-Electric Power Plants Using ZM Method

Studies were conducted with a new EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) System concept: Zero Method (ZM) at hydro-electric power plants.

Lightning and EMC Protection for Video Systems - ZM

This document describes the unclassified part of a lightning protection study for a video control system during 1994 at Cruas Nuclear Power Plant.

Lightning and EMC Solutions for the Val– Lille Subway Using of the Zero Method

The EMC concept known as the Zero Method (ZM) found EMI issues that were localized inside the VAL-Lille subway system

The Zero Method: Total EMI and RFI Protection

The Zero Method is a specifically adapted EMC concept adapted for large and complex electrical systems to find solutions for EMI and RFI issues.

The Zero Method: Protection Against EMI & RFI

This paper explains about the application of a new EMC concept for EMC studies and protections called the Zero Method (ZM.)

Using the Zero Method to Interpret Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues

The Zero Method (ZM) is a reliable method that is used to determine what EMC issues occur in industrial and other sensitive environments

Zero Method Documents For Downloading

List of EMC and EMI white papers to download

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