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Holistic Electrical Facility/Home Protection 101

Levi Zeigler May 05, 2016 0 comments

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Most facilities/homes only begin to think of electrical protection after some type of electrical event cause some valuable equipment to fail. Their first thoughts are always to replace the failed equipment and get the insurance company to cover the cost. This usually works the first or second time and then the insurance company informs you something is wrong at your facility/home and by the way here is an increase in your premium. Very few facilities/homes around the world have holistic electrical protection installed.

Holistic Electrical Protection for all facilities/homes is the optimum method to ensure that personnel; facility and the equipment have the maximum protection against any type of electrical event or power disturbance such as: lightning strikes, power surges (ac, dc, coaxial, CATV, telco, and data) radio frequency interference, electromagnet interference, and other power disturbances.

When electrical protection at your facility/home is missing or compromised, power disturbances will cause damage to the electrical equipment. Electrical utilities will cause between 20-25% of all electrical failures and the other 75-80% of electrical failures are caused by the facility/home electrical equipment and wiring. Of course the monetary losses depend on the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment plus and other costs such as downtime, technical assistance, and any production over time associated with production catch up.

When the management/owner relies only on the National Electrical Code (NEC) for protection he fails to realize that the NEC is only a minimum safety code and it is not designed as a manual not for equipment continuity and protection.

Holistic Electrical Protection for all facilities/homes provide the following:

1. Ensures optimum essential equipment continuity with on-line performance for any electrical event that may occur from external or internal sources 

2. All essential equipment would be equipped with back- up power systems (generators, inverters and/or UPS systems)

3. Ensures optimum non-essential equipment continuity with on-line performance for any electrical event except total or partial power failure including lightning strikes. 

4. Ensures that the entire facility or just the selected essential area is optimum protected from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), which ensures system wide Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

5. Verifies that all grounding or power reference conductors to have a peak voltage and peak current as close to zero as possible at frequencies from 1Hz to well past 100MKz.

6. Can be implemented into any type of facility/home including massive solar arrays and wind farms (land or sea)

In new facilities/homes, Holistic Electrical Protection for facilities/homes can be designed into the building plans prior to construction for very low add-on costs. 

In existing facilities/homes, Holistic Electrical Protection requires a facility evaluation to determine what modifications are required to accomplish Holistic Electrical Facility Protection. Sometimes this cost can be over ten (10) times higher than if the additions were implemented in a new facility.

Once issues are identified and corrected, your equipment outages and system failures from power disturbances will be drastically reduced or eliminated; except from total utility failure of power delivery to the facility. We always recommend conducting blackout testing to ensure that essential circuits that are intended to be on backup or emergency power actually are.

Corrections can be made by your staff, your electrician, or your desired contractor. For optimum equipment performance, we recommend that our staff supervise, inspect, and verify that the corrections are actually implemented as designed.

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