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EMI, RFI, EMC Why do we Still Have These Problems?

Levi Zeigler March 30, 2017 0 comments

EMI, RFI, EMC Why do we Still Have These Problems?

With all the product testing requirements in USA and International standards why do these problems still exist?

The answer is simple enough ensure that every circuit within the facility has a pure undisturbed sign wave no matter what type of electrical disturbance occurs within or near the facility. This then creates a holistic EMC environment for the facility. This could be a very complex solution because every piece of equipment installed within any area creates its own EMC subsystem. Each EMC subsystem creates the entire EMC system for the facility. Holistic EMC requires different methods to assure a facility can reach that goal.

EMC issues can and does effect equipment in any type of facility. Because patients are often expose to monitoring equipment in the health care industry they are among the most exposed from personnel safety protection point of view.

So, what methods need to be used to reach the goal of having a pure undisturbed sign wave on every circuit no matter what electrical event occurs within or near the facility?

Today’s conventual cures for these EMC conflicts are very expensive and in many cases still have unexplained equipment data interference either by equipment failures or required a cold restart each time. These issues can happen during normal operations or when some electrical event occurred within or near the facility. After so many of these events happing without finding the root cause of the problem then requires a solution. Because the root problem is never found and is unknown the solution is either live with those interruptions or purchase new equipment and hope that the new equipment will not have or develop these same problems.

The Zero Method (ZM) was first used by our partner Daniel Soleil in France in the 1990’s. At present the ZM is being considered to be incorporated into the IEC EMC standards for systems in Europe.

ZM uses another view of Ohm’s law where real equipotential Voltage (v) = zi = 0 is obtained when i = 0. between reference conductors on all EMC subsystems. Here z is only used for personnel safety with low frequency currents and is generally unchanged. ZM is in the public domain but needs trainings with us for many activities.

In any facility, we usually have six reference points. ZM requires to have “zero” voltage AND “zero” current between all of these reference points.

  1. Internal bonding called the Mass
  2. Grounding to Earth called Grounding or Earthing
  3. The equipotential point for Zero sensitive system
  4. The equipotential point for Dc Power (real or fictitious)
  5. The equipotential point for Ac Power - Single Point Grounding System – Neutral arrangement
  6. The equipotential point for Zero Communication system

ZM studies are must less expensive than current available EMC studies too much specified for EMC products and personal safety.

ZM is based on an obvious fact that a reference potential remains a reference only if no HF current (usually from 10 kHz several 10 MHz) circulates in its conductors, and that there are not HF voltage between different reference potentials, whatever it occurs.

Our Zero Method (ZM) study produces (engineering and corrections):

  1. General report on the risk assessment or observed EMC problems
  2. Analysis of the schedule of conditions about ZM domain requests
  3. Examination of available electrical plans, and constitution of some functional diagram about power supply and sensitive signals for all specialties
  4. Assessment or measurements into disturber systems and sensitive systems
  5. Development of a compatible correction strategy with different parameters such as feasibility, costs, appropriateness etc.
  6. Assessment of filters (Patented) and foreseeable attenuations, strategic choices about surge arresters
  7. Strategic design and implementations because we are in HF domain and ZM rules

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