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SPGS America is a privately owned business based in Mansfield, Ohio. We provide products and holistic electrical facility protection services for: personal safety, building protection, equipment protection, lightning protection, radio frequency interference protection (RFI), electromagnetic interference protection (EMI), emergency power backup protection, and surge protection for all types of businesses and personal living facilities across the United States.

Every customer wants first and foremost to know that their family, home, employees and business facility is safe and free from any electrical shock hazards. Everyone wants their electrical equipment to continually function through its expected life cycle and to have little to no maintenance; however, unexpected power disturbances from the utility, a lightning strike, poor electrical practices or even an electrical device or power surge within the home or facility can cause their equipment to fail.

Many families and businesses today have increased their insurance deductible to save on the cost of insurance premiums, but with the rising cost of all manufacturing goods especially office machines, business equipment, new HDTV’s, video game systems, computers, electronic appliances, etc. it can become very expensive to replace these items because of a power disturbance event even if you can get the insurance company to cover the device that failed. The deductible is still paid by the business or home owner.

SPGS America knows that most homes and businesses electrical service has only been inspected by an electrical inspector when the home or business was built. When the home or business is bought and sold the electrical service gets inspected by a home inspector (not an electrical inspector), who may have little or no experience to recognize the changes (additions and/or deletions) that occurred throughout the premises’ wiring over the years since the last inspection.

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) has a standard that some home and business inspectors use for electrical inspection. Here are a few electrical inspection requirements and also some non-required electrical inspections from that standard.

  1. NACHI inspectors are required to inspect the electrical service grounding and bonding but NOT verify the service ground actually meets National Electrical Code requirements.
  2. NACHI inspectors are required to inspect panel boards and over current devices, but NOT the low voltage systems, electrical de-icing tapes, swimming pool wiring or any time-controlled devices, inspect private or emergency electrical supply sources, including but not limited to generators, windmills, photovoltaic solar collectors, or battery or electrical storage facility.

The list goes on but you should get the picture.

SPGS America offers the home owner and business owner an independent electrical evaluation or safety assessment of their home or business at a very affordable cost. Our assessment is performed by experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), not general electricians. We provide written reports detailing all electrical safety issues for the main electrical services for your home or business complete with a listing of any National Electrical Code violations that may exist.

We offer a more comprehensive electrical evaluation that inspects all electrical devices and electrical components within your home or business, recommending more energy savings and aiding you in your contribution to the environment and a greener earth.

SPGS America believes that utilizing a holistic approach to building and equipment protection will eliminate electrical failures from power surges and most lightning strikes.

SPGS America is a distributor for Emerson Surge Protective Devices. Emerson makes a complete family of Surge Protective Devices for electrical equipment. (Ac, Dc, RF, CCTV, CATV, Satellite TV, Telephone Lines, Data Lines, motor control leads, etc.).

Thank you very much for visiting our web site and contact us for all your surge protection and electrical service's needs.

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