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Our products along with our electrical services utilize a holistic approach to maximize equipment life cycles and radically reduce or eliminate equipment failure completely. We can help improve equipment reliability during normal operating conditions and during any type of power surge, electrical storm or power failure. We are also industry experts in the selection and proper implementation of surge protective devices. Our solutions have improved the efficiency, functionality and production of businesses across the globe. 


SPGS Surge Protection

Increase Reliability, Performance, and Safety

SPGS corrects equipment failure. We can reduce or eliminate all non-scheduled electrical expenses. We can save your facility time, money, and most importantly create a safer working environment for all personnel.


Reduce Downtime and Failures

Any type of equipment failure can result in monetary loss. Be it a loss of production, a loss of revenue, repair costs, or even just plain chaos. All non-scheduled electrical expenses are caused by some type of electrical equipment failure. Trust SPGS to save you money and protect your company's business continuity.  


Reduce Operation Cost

Reduce Operating Costs

If a budgeted line item expense for non-scheduled electrical expenses is $5,000 and SPGS comes in to fix the problem, we can reduce the budgeted line item expense to $1,000. This saves the customer $4,000/year, saving the business $40,000 in ten years. 

Get Results Through Utilizing Proper Electrical Protection Solutions

When the digital world took over, electrical protection became a much higher priority than we once considered it to be. Once we’ve identified the problem, we engineer solutions based on your business’ unique needs and qualifications. Our solutions aim to:

    • Provide more efficient and reliable electrical services and protection
    • Decrease equipment downtime and equipment failures
    • Reduce your facility's operating costs
    • Get results

Our Statement from the President of SPGS sheds further insight on the services and specialties of our company. 

We Are Your Support System

If an electrical crisis has taken place at your home or business and you’re not sure what to do, SPGS is here for you. Although we aim at prevention, we work with you to fix the problems you are facing to make sure this never happens again. We will create custom solutions for issues caused by power disturbances.

Contact us today if you feel that there is a breach in your electrical performance, reliability and/or safety. We would love to sit down with you and review your options to help provide your facility with a safer, more efficient working environment.

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