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Internal Component Listing

AC Circuit AC Equipment Ground (ACEG)
AC Circuit Isolated AC Equipment Ground (IACEG)
AC Circuit Load
AC Circuit Neutral
AC Panel
AC Power Entrance Multi-Grounded Neutral (MGN)
Alarm Systems (Fire and Smoke)
Battery Racks
Building Structural Steel (BSS)
Cable Runways (Isolated Ground Plane)
Cable Runways (Non-Isolated Ground Plane)
Coaxial Cables (Inside Building)
Coaxial Ground Bar (CGB)
Computer Equipment
AC Modems
Computer Controlled Machines
Computer Floors
File Servers
Individual PC's, Terminals, Teletypes, Printers, FAX's, etc.
Mainframe Computers
Transient Protectors
Emergency Generator Chassis
Entry Ports
Equipment Frames
Fiber Optic Cable Shields
Floor Bar (FB)
Foreign Object Ground Bar (FOGB)
Frame Ground Bar (FGB)
Ground Window Bar (GWB)
HVAC System (Climate Control)
Intra Office Cable Shield Bar (IOCSB)
Intra Office Cable Shields
Isolated Ground Plane AC Equipment Ground (IGP-ACEG)
Isolated Ground Plane Frame Ground Bar (IGP-FGB)
Isolated Ground Plane Isolated AC Equipment Ground (IGP-IACEG)
Isolated Ground Plane Logic Return Bar (IGP-LRB)
Main Distribution Frame (MDF)
Main Distribution Frame Bar (MDFB)
Main Intra Office Shield Ground Bar (MIOSGB)
Master Ground Bar (MGB)
Metallic Conduit (Isolated Ground Plane
Metallic Conduit (Non-Isolated Ground Plane)
Metallic Doors
Metallic Sprinkler System
Metallic Storage Cabinets
Metallic Water Pipe system
Metallic Window Frames
Metallic Work Benches
Miscellaneous Coaxial Cable
Miscellaneous Controls (Non-AC Equipment)
Miscellaneous Ironwork
Miscellaneous Metallic Equipment
Miscellaneous Metallic Pipe System
Radio Cable Runways
Radio Cell Room Ground Bar (RCRGB)
Radio Frames
Raised Floors
(-) Reference in a DC Power Plant with Negative Ground
(+) Reference in a DC Power Plant with Positive Ground
Surge Protection System
RS-232 Devices
Transmission Line Arrests
Telephone Cable Entrance Shields Inside Building
Telephone PBX or Key System
Transmission Frames
Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
Water Meter
Waveguide Cables (Inside Building)
Waveguide Ground Bar (WGB)

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