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SPGS 5-Step Solution for Eliminating Equipment Damage

SPGS’s Capabilities

SPGS personnel are recognized subject matter experts in inside and outside bonding, grounding, equipment reliability, facility protection, equipment protection and power quality. We can provide all of your facility’s electrical protection and electrical safety requirements. The officers in our company have had experience in the telecommunications industry for almost 70 years; however, we have provided electrical solutions for all types of industries. Our company is committed to the prevention and elimination of electrical equipment failures and shock hazards in any type of setting.

The Importance of Managing Your Facility’s Electrical Protection System

Your facility’s electrical protection system is a vital component that allows your facility to maintain business continuity, and equipment reliability. An electrical protection system usually has, but is not limited to, the following components: grounding electrodes, grounding conductors (Ac and DC), ground bars, ground field, lightning protection system, and surge protection devices (SPDs). All of these protective elements keep your facility’s electrical system and equipment from experiencing outages or untimely replacement.

If your facility has never had its electrical protection system evaluated it is important to have one completed as soon as possible even if you have not experienced any type of outage or problem. Insurance providers recommend having a grounding system audit or evaluation performed at least once every three (3) years or whenever there is a major loss, change in equipment (addition or removal) or change to the electrical system of your facility (addition or removal). After a grounding audit or evaluation is completed your company will know where they have deficiencies in the electrical protection system and be able to take the next step in order to remedy them.

Our Recommended 5-Step Process

In order to effectively analyze, correct, and maintain a high-quality facility electrical protection system we recommend the following 5-Step Process: 

Step 1: Identifying the Problems

The first step in the process is to identify power quality problems is by performing a holistic electrical evaluation of the facility and it’s modes of electrical protection. An evaluation analyzes every piece of essential electrical equipment, every grounding conductor, every ground bar, every Ac electrical panel, every down conductor and every other power system component within the facility. If more information is required a power study can also be completed. After the evaluation process is completed, a detailed report is compiled which includes: CAD drawings for all electrical equipment (Ac and Dc), a detailed report explaining each finding, and a management summary report which notes significant problems that were recorded.

Step 2: Engineering the Solutions

After the problems are identified, this step involves engineering solutions in order to remedy the problems as well as increase the level of power quality throughout the facility. SPGS will then create a Method of Procedure (MOP) that will detail the correction procedures that should be implemented in order to properly protect the facility.

Step 3: Implementing the Solutions

After the MOP is created, corrections need to be implemented facility-wide. These corrections are preferably completed by an SPGS approved electrician. In some places solutions may be simple as the installation of a proper Surge Protection Device, but in some cases the solutions may be very demanding such as the installation of a ground field or lightning protection system.

Step 4: Testing and Commissioning the Solutions

After the solutions are implemented SPGS will return to the facility and check the solutions that were installed. After all the corrections are checked and approved, SPGS would certify the corrective installation.

Step 5: Train Personnel and Implement Standards

This is by far the most important step in the process. A facility without properly trained personnel and properly designed electrical protection standards is destined to fail. Personnel need to be made aware of the importance of electrical protection not only for the personnel themselves, but for the equipment as well. Standards need to be chosen or created in order to create accountability in case something is not installed to the standard.

In Summary

By completing this entire process, any problems in the facility’s electrical protection system will be eliminated. Through industry proven solutions, testing and commissioning the facility’s electrical protection system is thoroughly inspected and approved for use. By completing personnel training and the implementation of standards the electrical protection system will no longer be compromised by sub-standard facility protection, bonding and grounding practices allowing the facility to reduce equipment loss and downtime.

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