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The Power of Corporate Electrical Performance

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Provide your Facility with Electrical Services and Protection

Something as common as a lightning strike or even the starting of a motor can disrupt the productivity of your business. SPGS provides a multitude of services to address electrical performance, reliability, protection, and RF/EMI protection of your digital and electrical equipment.

SPGS provides numerous electrical services geared on maximizing equipment efficiency and operating reliability. We look at the whole picture and that is why our services provide a holistic electrical protection approach. Utilizing this approach, we can help your facility maximize equipment life cycles and radically reduce or eliminate equipment failure completely. Our expert solutions will improve equipment reliability during normal operating conditions and during any type of power surge, electrical storm or power failure.

Electrical Services for Every Industry

We pride ourselves on increasing your power distribution system to reduce downtime and equipment outages. Our solutions are a cost savings benefit to any industry that we serve. Here are just a few examples of the industries that we serve and services that we offer:

Industries We Serve

    • Manufacturing
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Healthcare
    • Transportation
    • Voice and data centers
    • Educational
    • Agriculture
    • CATV
    • Cellular
    • Regulated telecommunications
    • Public Utilities
    • Government 

SPGS Corporate Services

    • Bonding
    • Grounding
    • Power Quality
    • Electrical analysis
    • Holistic Facility Electrical Evaluation
    • Design
    • Commissioning Services
    • Infrared Inspection
    • EMC Using the Zero Method
    • ArcFlash Hazard Analysis
    • Safety Training (Remote and Onsite)

Increase Equipment Reliability and Performance

When a customer chooses SPGS’ holistic electrical protection approach to equipment failure, their non-scheduled electrical expenses are greatly reduced or eliminated completely; in turn, this saves the business time, money and most importantly creates a safer working environment for all personnel.

Reduce Equipment Downtime and Failures

Any type of equipment failure usually causes some type of monetary loss. These losses can fall anywhere across the board, ranging from: loss of production, loss of revenue, repair costs, or even just plain pandemonium. All non-scheduled electrical expenses are caused by some type of electrical equipment failure. What most facility owners do not know is that they DO NOT have to accept these failures as a normal cost of doing business. After so many failures, the decision maker usually will purchase new equipment, prior to its end of life cycle, or replace the current equipment that experiences continuous failures. The decision maker believes that this purchase will alleviate the work stoppage issues; however, most of the time, this is not the case. SPGS' holistic approach can identify and provide a solution to remedy the cause of these equipment problems preventing the need to constantly repair or replace equipment.

Reduce Operating Costs

If a budgeted line item expense for non-scheduled electrical expenses is $5,000 after SPGS’ holistic electrical protection approach is implemented it can reduce the budgeted line item expense to $1,000; therefore, the customer would be saving $4,000 dollars every year. Over the course of ten years the customer would have a total savings of $40,000.

Get Quantifiable Results

SPGS' holistic approach will exhibit that your facility's electrical system outages and equipment failures will be reduced. Every customer using our services can and will save money from electrical system outages and equipment failures by utilizing our solutions.

Invest in Your Business' Longevity

Many business owners and facility managers experience the same struggles you go through daily. No business is too big or too small to benefit from SPGS. Our corporate solutions help business owners, managers, and operators create a safer and more reliable working environment while reducing your liability in the event of a power disturbance. We use groundbreaking methods such as The Zero Method, which we've prepared several white papers regarding, which allows our expert personnel to find solutions to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) caused by lightning and/or industrial disturbance effects. 

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You need answers when it comes to finding the source of your power deficiency. Our team has prepared an entire library full of the research you're looking for. Read white papers on the variety of solutions SPGS offers our clients to improve your business. 

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