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Electrical Safety and Equipment Reliability

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Lightning and electricity problems can affect any business, industry or home. SPGS provides commercial, industrial, and even residential industries with electrical protection, maintenance and performance. We've worked in countless types of facilities to calculate and provide answers for each unique electrical issue that is encountered. 

If you're uncertain if SPGS is right for your power problem, contact us and we can walk you through your options. We provide audits, training, and evaluations that have promising results. From utility facilities to colleges to oil and gas drilling companies, no problem is too big or too small for our experts. 


You Need a Plan to Move Forward

With so much at risk with an electrical problem, it is essential that you avoid potential downtime, outages and injuries on the job that may result in loss of business. SPGS writes the standards for electrical safety. The advantages of working with us are not just for safety today, but always. We know your job depends on us - we take that to heart.

Whether you want to prevent electrical downtime, protect your million dollar equipment from surges, or you need to restore equipment that has suffered from it SPGS is the expert that you need to guide you.

We come in and perform an analysis. We create a plan with your best interest mind. If you're wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on replacing fried equipment, we want to help you fix it. Then we implement the plan and show you how to get the most efficiency from your equipment through professional training after we're gone.


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We’re an IEEE member, which means we’re a part of a worldwide community of trained electricians and engineers and always have access to the latest technology and methods to improve our services to you.

Code and Industry Standards Compliance

SPGS provides services that surround issues such as Arc Flash hazards and short circuits. In order to survey your business’ electrical performance, we will create a plan to help your business work in compliance with electrical engineering safety organization standards.


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Electrical Commissioning

We provide independent, third party commission testing for all electrical systems located in your facility or compound. We verify that each required standard is properly implemented. We create a punch list of all deviations and re-verify after corrections have been completed.

Infrared Inspection

Take advantage of SPGS Infrared Inspections. This cost effective method inspects electrical and mechanical equipment to find problems otherwise unseen. Our inspections are seamless, so you can go about your work without downtime. 

Training Services

After we've identified and solved the issue surrounding your electrical problem, we train your staff and share our industry knowledge reaching back 120 years. Each session is customized based upon your business and how you fit into your industry. 



After working with us, your equipment will stay running quickly and efficiently in the event of a power disturbance. Faster turnaround means you get money back quicker.


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You need answers when it comes to finding the source of your power deficiency. Our team has prepared an entire library full of the research you're looking for. Read white papers on the variety of solutions SPGS offers our clients to improve business longevity. 

Contact us today to see what services we can provide for you. 


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