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Types of Electrical Services and Analysis Studies

✔Arc Flash Hazard                            ✔DC Power Services

✔Flicker                                            ✔GroundingPlus® Services

✔Harmonic                                        ✔Lightning Protection

✔Load Shedding                                ✔Motor Starting

✔Power Factor                                  ✔Power Flow

✔Relay Coordination                          ✔Reliability

✔System Stability                              ✔Short Circuit

✔Surge Protection                             ✔Thermo Graphic


All buildings with electrical equipment will benefit from these services.


OSHA, NEC, NFPA, ANSI and IEEE standards require Short Circuit calculations and Arc Flash analysis. Short circuit calculations and equipment coordination studies are required to verify the installed equipment and protective devices are properly designed and compatible. Arc-flash analysis studies and labeling are required to notify all personnel the required personnel protection equipment (PPE) worn when working in, on or near energized service panels.


Many employers are usually just one fatality away from total compliance with OSHA, NEC, NFPA, ANSI, and IEEE standards. Today’s severe burn cost for a victim can approach a half-million dollars a month. A fatality cost in the workplace can reach as much as $8.5 million dollars.


Our Electrical Services and Analysis Studies are a priority for those companies that wish to maintain code and industry standard compliant safe working conditions for all employees. These services will improve the operation and reliability of all electrical equipment. Any power quality issues will shorten the life spans of your equipment.


Drastically reduced budgeted dollars from non-scheduled, non-mechanical and non-environmentally caused electrical equipment failures. In most cases, this budgeted line item savings has been as high as ninety-five percent (95 %). The fact is that the electrical equipment will now last its full designed life cycle.



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