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List of SPGS Services

Services Offered:

SPGS offers a wide variety of services that are geared to meet any customer's specific needs. Look below for a list of our services:

GroundingPlus® Services ArcFlashPlus© Services DC PowerPlus© Services
AC Surge Protection
Cable Protection
Cable Shield Testing
CATV Surge Protection
Data Cable Surge Protection
DC Surge Protection
Design Implementation
Electrical Protection
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electromagnetic Interference
Equipment Performance
Equipment Reliability
Ground Fields
Lightning Protection
Power Conditioning
Power Quality
Radio Frequency Interference
Seminars & Schooling
Telephone Surge Protection
Trouble Analysis
Writing Company Standards
Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
Blackout Testing
Breaker Coordination Study
Capacitor Banks
Circuit Labeling
Drawing Maintenance
Flicker Analysis
Generator Sales
Generator Services
Harmonic Analysis
Load Shedding Analysis
Lock Out Tag Out Program
Motor Starting Analysis
NEC Compliant Analysis
NFPA Compliant Analysis
One Line Drawing
PPE Training
Power Factor Analysis
Power Flow Analysis
Relay Coordination Study
Reliability Study
Safety Programs
Service Panel Labeling
Short Circuit Analysis
Surge Protection Study
System Stability Analysis
Thermo Graphic
Work Permits
Battery Disposal
Battery Impedance Testing
Battery Installation
Battery Load Testing
Battery Maintenance
Battery Monitoring
Battery Sales
BDFB Installation
BDFB Sales
BDFB Service
Equipment Removals
Framework Installation
Power Maintenance
Power Monitoring
Power Plant Audits
Power Plant Installation
Power Requirement s
Power Transition
Project Management
Rectifier Installation
Rectifier Sales
Rectifier Service
Turn Key Battery Projects
Turn Key Power Plant Projects



Types of Facilities Served:

SPGS can help any facility that has electrical issues, below are just some examples of the facilities that we serve:

Utilities (electric, gas, telephone, cellular, railroad), Communications (television, cable TV, radio, earth stations), Manufacturing, Industrial (factories, plants and complexes), Educational Institutions, Campuses, Medical Centers, Multi-Tenant Commercial Buildings (and campuses), Information Technology Rooms, Internet and Server Hotels, Data Centers, Co-Located Equipment Rooms, Special Purpose Commercial Buildings, Government Buildings such as 911 Centers, Towers (water, radio, TV, cellular), Restaurants, Retail Stores, Amusement Parks, Correctional Facilities, Residential, Transportation, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Oil and Gas Drilling, Pipelines, Stadiums, Government, High Rise Buildings, etc.


Holistic Facility Electrical Protection Services:

Any type of electrical power disturbance can damage the equipment inside or outside of a facility. Our Holistic Facility Electrical Protection Services will greatly reduce your equipment failures or systems outages during any type of power disturbance.

Our Holistic Facility Electrical Protection Services includes a report (PDF Format), Management Summary, and Auto Cad drawings (PDF Format) of the facility grounding systems and identifies each facility protection issue with the recommended corrective action to remedy the issue. 

Holistic Facility Electrical Protection is needed because every day internal power disturbances are caused by the equipment within the facility, and also because of external power disturbances such as lightning strikes and power surges originating from outside of the facility. 

When the Facility Electrical Protection System is compromised, power disturbances can cause damage to electrical equipment and cause system outages. It is a known fact that the electrical utility causes between 20-25% of all power disturbances and that the other 75-80% are caused by the facility’s electrical equipment and wiring. 

Most standards for facility electrical protection are written with minimum electrical safety protection and not for equipment continuity and protection. We recommend Holistic Electrical Facility Protection for all facilities because it is the optimum method to ensure that personnel, facility and the equipment have the maximum protection against any type of electrical event or power disturbance. 

Our Holistic Facility Electrical Protection Evaluation services include but not limited to:

  • Identification and recommendations for National Electrical Code (NEC) violations
  • Power study for facility load and power fluctuations
  • Verification of and recommendations of power protection
  • Facility and compound wide system(s) bonding and system(s) grounding evaluation
  • Verification of and recommendations for building protection
  • Verification of and recommendations for power continuity system(s)
  • Verification of and recommendations for surge protection (Ac, Dc, RF, and Cathodic)
  • Verification of and recommendations for lightning protection
  • Verification of and recommendations for radio frequency interference (RFI) protection
  • Verification of and recommendations for electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection
  • Verification of and recommendations for electrical protection standards
  • Verification of and recommendations for best electrical practices
  • Review of facility one-line-drawings for accuracy
  • Identification of all unbalanced service panels 

Once issues are identified and corrected, your facility's equipment outages and system failures from power disturbances will be drastically reduced or eliminated. 

Corrections can be made by your staff, your electrician, your desired contractor or by SPGS. For optimum equipment performance, we recommend that our staff, inspects, and verify that all corrections made by any contractor or company employee are actually implemented as designed. We also always recommend conducting blackout testing to ensure that essential circuits that are intended to be on backup or emergency power actually are.

Other services offered are in-house or on-site consulting and training services for electrical protection, bonding, grounding, EMI protection, RFI protection as well as surge protection (Ac, Dc, Telephone, Data CCTV, CATV, and Radio.)

*NOTE: Holistic Facility Electrical Protection does not prevent any power failure from your electrical utility.


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