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Protect Your Home from Electrical Hazards

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Homeowners are not safe from the electrical hazards. The damage from an electrical fire goes well beyond just the damage of a home, but it can also result in displacement and emotional trauma for you and your family. No job is too small for SPGS. We want to help you keep your family safe.

Lightning strikes can damage your home and other electrical equipment such as emergency generators and other common electrical appliances. If your home does not implement proper bonding and grounding techniques, and does not use surge protection, it is best to implement these solutions now to save you from suffering in the future.

What is Putting your Home at Risk?

It is surprising that so many factors within our homes can contribute to power disturbances and surges. Most home owners do not realize that their electrical system is also tied into the public utilities grounding system (Telephone, CATV, Satellite TV, and the electric company.)  Any of their workers could make a mistake and not properly bond your electrical system into their cable shields and leave your home at risk to lightning strikes and power surges from their network.

In fact if you look around your home and see that the utilities come into your home from different sides of your house you have a 90% chance that one of the utilities did not bond their cable shield grounds into your home grounding electrode system properly. Remember that once your utilities are connected to your home the utility company never comes back to check anything unless you tell them that you have a problem.

Improved bonding and grounding functions can allow you to feel safer in your home instantly. Noisy machines and static electricity are drastically decreased around your home, which could lead to bigger electrical problems if not dealt with properly. 


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