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How to Maintain Communication Equipment Continuity in an Emergency Management Agency

October 27, 2016 Levi Zeigler comments
Keeping 911 Centers and Emergency Management Facilities on line all the time
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Ground Potential Rise (GPR) in Pad Mounted Communication Cabinets

September 14, 2016 Levi Zeigler comments
A Ground Potential Rise Ground Potential Rise (GPR) in pad-mounted cabinets causes ongoing card failures across the United States.
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Protection and Grounding vs Accounting

September 07, 2016 comments
Most facilities have issues with facility bonding, grounding and protection
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Who Really Cares About Ground Loops?

August 02, 2016 comments
What is a ground loop?
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EMC Zero Grounding Method (ZM) Introduction

July 01, 2016 Levi Zeigler comments
Equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) became an issue with unexplained equipment malfunctions and random cold reboot required
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Holistic Electrical Facility Protection Design

June 02, 2016 Levi Zeigler comments
Holistic Electrical Facility Protection Design saves maintenance cost and increases online reliability and reduces outages and downtime.
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Holistic Electrical Facility/Home Protection 101

May 05, 2016 Levi Zeigler comments
Most facilities/homes only begin to think of electrical protection after some type of electrical event cause some valuable equipment to fail.
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