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SPGS GroundingPlus© Solutions

Sampling of SPGS' GroundingPlus© Solutions

  • Bonding
  • Grounding
  • Evaluation (Audit)
  • Standard Practice Writing
  • Training
  • Power Quality
  • Electrical Building Protection
  • Electrical Equipment Protection
  • Documentation
  • Blackout Testing
  • Radio Frequency Interference Testing
  • Electromagnetic Interference Testing
  • Emergency and Backup Power
  • Electrical Building Protection
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing
  • Recommendations
  • Remediation
  • Planning
  • Ground Conductor Monitoring



Benefits of Using SPGS' GroundingPlus© Solutions

    • Evaluations conducted by industry-recognized experts with extensive knowledge, experience and active involvement in international, national and corporate grounding and protection standards.
    • Training and seminars customized for your market and delivered by recognized industry experts.
    • Comprehensive written report of all findings, including one-line diagrams with mapping of current flow through grounding conductors.
    • Investigation of grounding-related entities such as surge protective devices and telecommunications protector units.
    • Recommendations for alteration of existing facilities or other corrective action to improve equipment performance and save you money.
    • Firm cost and time-schedule estimates for remediation performed by qualified SPGS technicians.
    • Engineering services for new facilities: ground fields, grounding and bonding infrastructure for telecommunications, and equipment Common Bonding Networks (CBN) and Isolated Bonding Networks (IBN).

GroundingPlus© Solutions Applicable Markets

SPGS GroundingPlus® Services are ideal for locations requiring high availability for (susceptible) electronic equipment.

These locations include utility telephone central offices, cellular sites, cable TV head-ends, remote sites and; multi-tenant commercial buildings (and campuses), information technology rooms, Internet and server hotels, and co-located equipment rooms;special purpose commercial buildings such as:

  • Utility Telephone Central Offices
  • Cellular Sites
  • Cable TV head-ends
  • Remote sites
  • Multi-tenant Commercial Buildings
  • Campuses
  • Information Technology Rooms
  • Hotel Server Rooms
  • Co-Located Equipment Rooms
  • Information Technology (data) centers (ITC)
  • Medical Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Facilities, such as PSAP (E9-1-1)
  • Industrial Factories, Plants and Complexes.

GroundingPlus© Meets Performance Standards

SPGS’ unique GroundingPlus© Solutions correctly interprets and applies industry-recognized performance standards, practices and methods on bonding and grounding, electrical protection, power quality and electromagnetic compatibility – in addition to NEC requirements. Unless other customer-defined documents apply, SPGS utilizes appropriate industry documents. For example, at commercial and industrial locations IEEE Std. 1100 Recommended practices for powering and grounding electronic equipment (in commercial and industrial locations) applies.

The power quality industry recognizes bonding and grounding related problems as the primary or underlying cause of poor performance, catastrophic failure or damage of electrical and electronic equipment. Radio/cell sites, telecom systems, computers and networks, peripherals and printers, I/O ports and circuit cards, and electronic sensors and controls are particularly vulnerable to lightning events and power system anomalies.

Bonding, grounding and other electrical protection measures (such as surge protective devices) form the foundation for adequate power quality and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Meeting or exceeding the electrical safety requirements (including grounding) of the NFPA’s National Electrical Code (NEC) does not intentionally account for desired equipment performance - only for a measure of safety.

GroundingPlus© is a Cost Effective Solution

The SPGS whole-premises (holistic) approach to grounding is designed to not only help protect your equipment and personnel, but also to enable your installation to meet availability and performance goals. SPGS specialists will inspect and verify grounding details of your AC and DC power systems, telecommunications grounding infrastructure, surge protective devices and electronic equipment. SPGS specialists are also qualified to provide grounding specifications and plans for new buildings and equipment.

GroundingPlus© is the Most Extensive Grounding Evaluation, Power Evaluation, and Remediation Service for any Industry!

Building Grounding

    • Grounding electrode system
    • Electrode resistance
    • Grounding grid resistance
    • Earth resistivity profile
    • Lightning protection system
    • Inter-system bonding conductor(s)

AC Power

    • Utility AC service entrance/transformer(s)
    • Separately derived systems
    • Grounding electrode conductor
    • Neutral and equipment grounding bus bars
    • Main bonding jumper
    • Metallic raceways
    • Conduits/junction boxes
    • Equipment grounding conductor(s)
    • AC distribution panels/cabinets
    • Feeders and distribution
    • AC receptacles
    • Insulated (isolated) ground receptacle circuits
    • Surge protective device (SPD)
    • Lighting panels/fixtures
    • UPS

Standby Power

    • Generator-associated equipment
    • Fuel tanks (buried, above-ground, indoors)
    • Piping, conduits, auxiliary framing
    • Louvers and metallic enclosures
    • Engine start and control equipment
    • Automatic transfer switch
    • Grounding electrode conductor
    • Equipment grounding conductor

Grounding Infrastructure

    • Building principal ground
    • Master ground bar
    • Floor ground bar
    • Vertical ground riser
    • Main ground bar
    • Single-point connection bar
    • Collector ground bar
    • Horizontal equalizer
    • Bonding conductor for telecommunications
    • Grounding equalizer
    • Telecommunications Bonding Backbone (TBB)
    • Telecommunications Grounding Bus Bar (TGB)
    • Telecommunications Main Grounding Bus Bar (TMGB)
    • Main earthing terminal
    • Protective earth conductor
    • Raised floor and ceiling grids

Distributing Frames & Protectors

    • Frame ground bars
    • Grounding conductors
    • Protector modules
    • Protector assembly grounding
    • Ladder track and AC receptacles

Entrance Facility

    • Cable shield isolation gap
    • Isolation gap capacitor
    • Cable entrance ground bar
    • Cable shields grounding


    • Towers/antennas
    • Tower system ground field
    • Radio equipment
    • Other electronic equipment
    • Metallic ice bridges
    • Ground bars
    • Halo ground
    • Grounding conductors
    • Surge protective device (RF)

DC Power

    • Battery racks/stands
    • Rectifiers/chargers
    • Main powerboard
    • Feeders and distribution
    • Fuse and breaker panels
    • Inverter/converter plants
    • Ringing plants
    • Battery return reference
    • Equipment grounding conductors
    • Rack specific power supply
    • Bulk power supply
    • Surge protective devices (DC)

Electronic Equipment

    • Information technology equipment
    • PBX, Key, other telecom systems
    • Local Area Network (LAN)
    • Telecom networks
    • Isolated Bonding Network (IBN)
    • Isolated ground plane
    • Common bonding network (CBN)
    • Integrated ground plane
    • Single-point connection window
    • Ground window
    • Frame ground conductor
    • Logic ground conductor
    • Cable rack ground conductor
    • AC equipment grounding conductor
    • Telecommunication protector unit
    • Multi-service/multi-port surge protective devices

Ancillary Services

    • 522 Rural Utilities Service Audit
    • Annual service program
    • Detailed engineering
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Power quality monitoring
    • Load testing
    • Battery Testing
    • Thermographic imaging
    • Customized evaluations
    • Seminars/training
    • Consulting
    • Problem Analysis


Let SPGS' GroundingPlus© Solutions Help you Today

SPGS' GroundingPlus© Solutions offers the most extensive holistic electrical evaluation for any industry. As you narrow down the approaches to solving your electrical issue, please keep SPGS in mind. We understand this may be an investment you may not have been prepared to make, but in the long run you will save countless dollars in your budget. Read our case studies for more in-depth success stories and how SPGS provides tailored solutions for our clients.

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