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The domino effect of equipment and system failures that can follow after an electrical disturbance will cost companies tens of thousands of dollars. We have assisted companies from being totally susceptible to equipment and system failures after an electrical disturbance to be immune from almost all power disturbances except power delivery failure from the electrical utility.

By using our 5-step process, our team takes potential shock hazards and turns them into high operating profit. We evaluate all aspects of your business from voltage ranges to external components that may be affecting your electricity. To read more about acceptable voltage ranges, click here


Improve and Maintain Power Efficiency by Following our 5-Step Process:

Identify1. Identify the problem. After you call us, we'll come see what's going on. We identify the source of your electrical issues and verify if there's a mishap you didn't even know about.


Engineer2. Engineer a solution. Once we figure out what's causing your business harm, we develop a solution that attacks the problem from all angles to save you money in the long run. 



Implement3. Implement the solution. This is where we do all of the hard work. We understand what's at risk here and we keep you updated the entire time, so you're never in the dark. 


Test/commission4. Test/commission potential solutions. There are a few approaches to a single problem. This is the step where we verify what works the most efficiently, safely, and creates the best working environment.



Training5. Train personnel. Protect your business from future accidents or complications. We train your staff as if they were our own. We produce electrical experts in your own company. 




Let SPGS Help Your Progress

As you narrow down approaches to solving your electrical issue, keep SPGS in mind. We understand this is an investment you may not have been prepared to make, but in the long run you will save countless dollars in your budget. Read our case studies for more in-depth success stories and how SPGS provides tailored solutions for our clients.

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You need answers when it comes to finding the source of your power deficiency. Our team has prepared an entire library full of the research you're looking for. Read white papers on the variety of solutions SPGS offers our clients to improve business longevity. 

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