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Acceptable Voltage Ranges

Voltage Relationships Based on Voltage Ranges in ANSI C84.1-2016

Codes and Standards That Require an Arc Fault Analysis

110.16 Flash Protection.110.8 Working On or Near Electrical Conductors or Circuit Parts.(B) Shock Protection Boundaries. (C) Approach to Exposed Live Parts Operating at 5

Average Number of Thunderstorm Days in the USA Per Year

Average Number of Thunderstorm Days in the USA Per Year Map

Bonding and Grounding Component

AC Equipment Ground (ACEG)Arrester Building Structural Steel (BSS) Electro-Static Discharge Protection (ESD) An Exothermic connection is a process for making a weld...

Enhance Earth Ground Resistivity With Earth Plus® Conductive Concrete

Earth Plus Conductive Concrete is Safety Protection Grid Solution is brand name for conductive concrete. Our Earth Plus Conductive Concrete has a resistance value around 20 Ohms per centimeter (cm).

Equipment Voltage Surge Threshold Information

The Information Technology Industry Council (I.T.I, formerly known as the Computer Business Manufacturers' Association, or CBEMA) provides a guideline that is a realistic, at-the-equipment, maximum allowable voltage that equipment can withstand witho

List of External Components

AC Service Entrance Disconnect Panel Station Ground Antennas (Roof Mounted) Antennas (Tower Mounted) Artificial or Chemical Ground Electrode System Coaxial Cables (Towers

Grounding Questions and Answers

List of Grounding Questions and Answers

Stop “Murphy’s Law” from Occurring in your Electrical Systems

Murphy's Law states, "If anything can go wrong, it will"

NEC Adopted For Each State May 2017

NEC adopted for each state May 2017

Power Quality Duck Test

Duck Test The duck test is a humorous term for a form of inductive reasoning. It is explained this way: ”If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like

Why do we Bond and Ground Electrical Equipment?

Bonding and grounding maximizes personnel safety, equipment protection, and reduces noise that can be caused by powwer disturbances, RFI and EMI

What is the Purpose of a Ground Rod?

The only purpose of a ground rod or a ground field is to have a designed electrical path for a static discharge voltage (such as lightning) to earth

National Electrical Code 90.1 Purpose:

NEC 90.1 states: The purpose of this Code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity.

SPGS 5-Step Solution for Eliminating Equipment Damage

5 Step Solution to Elminate Equipment Damage

Electricial Shock Hazards, Risks, and other Dangers

The real danger from electricity is an electrical shock. Dangerous electrical conditions are called risks and shock hazards

SPGS Surge Protective Device (SPD) Advice For The Business Owner and The Homeowner

Why would any building or home need any surge protective device (SPD)?

Different Types of Grounding Designs

External Building Earth Ground SystemHalo Ground System (HGS) usually consists of a #2 AWG minimum, non-insulated, solid or stranded wire routed around the inside perimet

Wise Statements From Famous People

We found all of these statements on the internet and thought that they were very interesting. All statements we have listed the person making the statement whenever possi

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